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Aluminium casting full assembled brace hook of aluminium components and fittings for aluminium scaffold towers. Our unique aluminum casting hook claw clamp fitting is originally designed and maintain a long life used in constuction industry. Self locking braces hooks with ergonomically designed release latch
Material: BS 1490 LM 25 (TF) AlSi7Mg, ASTM A356 (T6), ASTM A 380, unique checmical composition depending on casting procedure and requirements on mechanical strength and extra heat treatment.
Available for standard tube: hook spertures avaialbe to suit OD 50.8mm tube/OD 50mm/OD 51mm and spigot sizes to accommodate a variety of wall thickness,the range has extend to meet customers requirements, and will ensure to expand as new demends are made.
1.Welding standard tube where a shoulder is by the end spigot when the claw tube must be locked properly.
2.Embedding standard tube onto the slots of the end spigot when the claw tube must be locked properly.
Excellent accessories EPOXY Color Trigger Double Torsion Brace Spring side threaded pin hole to fix
Aluminium castings alone can be supplied by means of permanent molding or high pressure castings.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
aluminium casting coupler clamp
aluminum casting spigot
aluminium casting hook

assembled self lock hook
classical 47mm embedding shank hook .Diameter of tube:from 45.5mm to 51.34mm can be valid for different tubes

assembled brace locking hook
apertures available to suit OD 50mm/50.8mm/51mm and weldding aluminum tube on the spigot where a shoulder is set up

BS 1490 LM25TF
Brace hook assembly, incorporating double torsion stainless steel spring for durable and reliable use.
aluminum casting hook aluminum casting hook aluminum casting hook
Hydraulic Embedding Equipment
Used in crimping aluminum tube onto end spigot of brace hook,aluminum standard pivot plug,spigot,tee joint,offset lug joint
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