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Smart-Keen is very specialized in permanent molding aluminium castings by an unique technology to ensure a handsome surface and uneaqualed mechanical Smart-Keen surpessing the normal mechanical tensible strengh of aluminium alloy in material menubook.
Take A356-T6 as classical sample,we can achieve 45kg/Square cm,surpss 50% than normal requirement parameter in material standard.
We have do research in aluminium alloy for more than 20 years to achieve an unique technology that can create special aluminium alloy & copper alloy with incomparable mechnical Smart-Keen beyond basic parameter of performance & mechanical properties in manubook.
We manufacture aluminium alloy foundry castings in different industries,aluminium scaffolding,the variety of applications for permanent mold aluminum castings is virtually unlimited. Here are some of the products Smart-Keen Aluminum supplies to a wide variety of manufacturers & customers throughout United States of America,Canada,UK,U.A.E.,Germany,Italy,Australia,Holland and more oversea countries.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
aluminium casting coupler clamp
aluminum casting spigot
GM USA Racing Auto Car Parts To U.S.A Austalia Diesel Housing
Description:Molten metal is poured into a steel mold. The mold is opened and the casting is ejected.
Typical Size Range:Ounces to 100 lbs
Tolerances:± .015" to 1", then add ± .002" per inch.Add ±.010" to .030"
across parting line
Surface Finish:150-300 RMS
Min. Draft Required:2 to 5 degrees Min. Section Thickness: .1875"
Typical Order Quantities Typical: 500+
Tooling Costs: $ Negotiable
depends on single weight & Complication
Nominal Lead Times:
Samples: 2 to 6 weeks,Production:6 to 8 weeks after approval,or it all depends!
To U.K To U.S.A 0.02 OUNCES To Canada
Germany GL&V Housing To Holland cable Colletion To Italy
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